Coronavirus outbreak: covid-19 in India

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Coronavirus outbreak: covid-19 in India

Three dead and 139 infected, 85 trains cancelled. Bengal and Haryana report their first case.

139 people tested positive for Covid-19 in India so far. Of these, 14 recovered and were discharged and three of them died. More than sixty medical facilities across the country are testing the samples.

Delhi has so far reported eight positive cases, while Uttar Pradesh has recorded fifteen cases including one foreigner. Kerala has twenty six cases which includes two foreigners. Maharashtra has forty cases, including three foreigners. Karnataka has eleven cases. Telangana has reported five cases. Ladakh has reported five cases and Jammu and Kashmir has three cases. Rajasthan has recorded four cases including 2 foreigners. Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh reported one each case. 

Railways has cancelled 85 trains as a precaution against the spread of coronavirus. According to the officials 

Central Railways cancelled 23 trains 

South-Central Railways cancelled 29 trains 

Western Railways cancelled 10 trains 

Southeastern Railways cancelled 9 trains 

East coach and Northern railways cancelled 5 trains 

Northwestern railways cancelled 4 trains


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